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Who can KL Consulting, Inc. help?

Although each client has unique situations, the struggles of executives and directors who are in charge of marketing technology are remarkably similar. Do these situations sound familiar to you?

  • You’ve got plans for a new digital marketing project/program and want to ensure it gets started on the right foot.
  • You’ve spent money on a stalled or failing project and need a turnaround plan.
  • You are responsible for a digital marketing project and would like support to ensure technical & functional requirements align with business requirements.
  • You’re receiving feedback that your marketing technology solution is not very good and need to determine a new solution.
  • You know what you want in a marketing technology solution, but you keep running into resistance or bottlenecks with implementation.
  • You want proposals and plans for your marketing technology solution presented to you in plain English.
  • You want to convince your executives to make marketing technology investments, but you just keep hearing, “No.”
  • You’ve hired an agency or vendor for a new project, but you need a project manager on your side of the table.
  • You want an integrated vision and strategy for marketing technology inside your company that addresses employee, field and channel productivity and provides an excellent user experience.

KL Consulting, Inc.’s approach works for:

  • CEOs or VPs of Marketing who want assurance their marketing technology investments will pay off.
  • Directors of Digital Marketing who want to make a compelling business case to executives to make marketing technology investments.
  • Web agencies that see their clients struggling with internal processes and politics that prevent them from making the investments you’ve recommended or are putting your project with them in danger of failing.
  • Companies investing in marketing technology solutions who know that business processes need to change in order to get the return on investment of such a solution.

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