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Karilee Wirthlin,
President & CEO
  Petra Boucher,
Executive Assistant
Petra Boucher has been working in administrative roles for the past 20 years, starting from junior administrative support, to supporting Senior VPs in private organisations and managing administrative departments in both local authorities and private organisations. 

Petra was running a successful home-based direct selling business when she realised that what she enjoyed most was assisting her peers in organising, managing, marketing, developing and building their businesses and themselves as business owners. She found that she naturally helped her peers look for and develop the next step on the ladder for their business as well as having the organisational skills to help them keep all their present "balls in the air."

As Karilee's Executive Assistant, Petra enjoys sharing her skills, enthusiasm, natural talent and never-ending ability to learn with Karilee and the KL Consulting team. Petra is committed to providing a great customer service to KL Consulting's clients and is dedicated to ensuring that KL Consulting has a strong and focused support service.


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